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About Capernwray Australia
Capernwray Australia exists to provide a quality Christ-centred community where each individual is taught and nurtured in the Word of God. Our goal is teaching Scripture so that the students will know God, their relationship to Him and the reality of the risen, indwelling Christ in their lives.

They will have a deeper knowledge of the Bible and how all its parts interrelate and will be better able to serve in their church and local communities as their confidence in the Word of God and person of Christ excites them to contribute effectively.

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What we Offer
We run Bible Schools, lead road trips, provide accommodation, run conferences, events and so much more! Find out more about what we offer, with the images below.
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Student Testimonials
"I can one-hundred percent say that the seventeen weeks I spent here at Capernwray Australia were the best of my life! I made some amazing friendships that will last a life time, saw and experienced a part of the world which I never thought I would, and most importantly grew spiritually on a level that I would have never thought possible before coming here. God really taught me over the semester that he is completely in control, and that we need to entirely trust and rely on him through every situation. Capernwray has equipped me with head knowledge that I will be able to use practically in everyday life, as well as prepared for a life of ministry."

Caleb Doersksen, Student
"Since coming to Capernwray Australia I have learnt a lot about Spiritual discipline and how to integrate that into my life and make them a reality. Asking God to lead you is an easy thing to say but then doing it is a whole different matter. The 17 week semester was a good chance for me to practice and follow God’s will rather than it simply being head knowledge and to see the life of Christ lived out in a safe community."

Josh Howlett, Student
"My time at Capernwray Australia was an amazing time of being challenged and grown in my walk with God, through study of the bible, practical ministry, and Christian fellowship. I came expecting to receive Biblical knowledge, and I got that, but I also got so much more as God drew me close to Him taught me to rely on Him in whatever I do."

Quin Sawatsky, Student
"My Capernwray Australia experience as a student wasn’t really apart of my plan… But the Lord really loves to change things around, and all for His glory! My time here has been an absolute blessing in so many ways. Being in the classroom, sitting under some amazing men and women of God, learning and growing and being discipled by them has grown and stretched my relationship with God in so many ways. And then, as the head knowledge is transformed by the Holy Spirit into heart truth, I have experienced the Lord’s love in many different ways. To abide in the Vine, to cling to Truth and to abound in joy despite our circumstances, are only a small handful of the things the Lord has been teaching me over this time. Because of this growth within my heart, I was moved to respond by being baptized by my dad. This was a very special step in my walk with Jesus, as my family and some of my closest friends were there to witness the day, and be apart of my journey with Him. Psalm 51:17 says, “My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.” This verse shows us what delights our Father, and how He loves us to be in a right place with Him, humbled and loved by Him. As we continue to have our hearts open to His Word, Truth and Life, He can continue the good work in us, and His joy will reign in our lives as we abide in Him!"

Alexandra Thomas, Student
Our Staff
Our staff are a great team, working hard to ensure you have a great time here.
Peter Thomas
National Director
Callum Thomas
Ministries Coordinator
Phillip Giddings
Mission Coordinator
Kim Kime
Office Manager
Kelly Colyn
Asst. Property Manager
Dan Johnston
Property Manager
Denyse Merchant
Wendell Merchant
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